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The model in TR-Series:  TR-100

Model No.





  • Light, small, portable, compact design.

  • High speed & high efficiency and low cost.

  • Simple operation, easily remove broken tap.

  • Full power source choices: 100V/110V/120V/200V/220V/230V/240V, 1 PHASE, 50HZ/60HZ

  • Dielectric: using ordinary tap water as machining dielectric liquid.

  • Electrode: Using any brass bar as electrode

  • Flexibility: Machining easily even on a large workpiece.

  • No damage: Remove taps easily without damage the threads.

  • Complete functions: Auto feed, depth setting (stop at a specific depth), selectable arcing timer, auto retract, workhead swivel alarm messages: depth arrival, arcing, over-temp.

  • More applications: Starting holes for Wire Cut EDM. Cutting Tungsten Carbide or any harden steel.

Weight 17 kgs
Dimensions 290 x 345 x 285 mm
Machine Unit
Weight 6 kgs with magnetic stand
Dimensions 53 x 70 x 375 mm
Electrode Holder Max. 6.5 mm


Standard Accessories:

  • Generator

  • Machine unit

  • Chemical clay

  • Chuck handle

  • Brass electrode bar

1.2 mm x 4 pcs

2.0 mm x 2 pcs

2.5 mm x 2 pcs

3.0 mm x 2 pcs

4.0 mm x 1 pc

5.0 mm x 1 pc

6.0 mm x 1 pc




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