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Double Column Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Billet CNC

Band Saws


  • Double Column Automatic Band Saws: H-260HB

Model No.

Standard Features





  • H-260 is a super rugged saw, built for reliable production, and capable of aggressive cuts on all sorts of materials.

  • Unlike most of the 10" x 12" saws in the market, it offers 1-1/4"-wide blade, and a 5HP blade drive.

  • The double column construction consists of the heavy bow frame, and the large diameter ground, chrome plated columns, offering consistent and stable cutting force and efficient cutting paths.

  • Full stroke vises for clamping reduce setup time.

  • A 12'10"-long blade riding on large diameter wheels (17-5/8"), helps reduces blade fatigue and increase blade life.

  • The heavy-duty gearbox is accompanied by the state of the art AC Inverter for infinite variable speed drive. H-260HB offers great strength and torque for driving the wheels.

  • The independent control console is set in the front of the machine for easy access and setup.

  • Setup of blade speed is done by the turn of the blade-speed dial on the control console. Speed-counter located above the dial, displays the blade running speed. AC inverter driver allows smooth and fast changes of blade speeds in seconds.

  • Other standard features included are PLC electrics, power driver blade cleaning brush, roller bearing and carbide guide system, hydraulic-powered blade tensioning, split front vise, short remnants, floating rear vise, auto height control, motion detector safety shutoff, built in coolant system, piece counter with auto shutoff, multiple index counter, and work light.


● 260 mm (10.24")

█ 310 W x 260 H mm (12.2" x 10.2")

Bundle Cutting Width: 145-190 mm 5.7"-7.48"
Height: 40-130 mm 1.57"-5.12"

Blade Speed

20-80 M/min (65-260 F/min)

Blade Size

3920 x 34 x 1.1mm (12'10" x 1-1/4" x 0.042)


Blade Drive: 5 HP, AC Inverter

Hydraulic: 1 HP

Coolant: 1/8 HP

Chip Motor: 40 W

Shuttle Bar Feed Single feed: 400 mm (16")
Multiple feed: 400 mm x 9 (16"x9)

Vise clamping

Full stroke hydraulic

Floor Space

2170 x 2100 mm (85" x 82")

Machine Weight

1,700 kg (3,740 lb)


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