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The model in CW-Series:  CW-430F

Model No.

Machine Features





  • X, Y, Z, U, V axes simultaneously controllable high performance high precise CNC Wire Cut.

  • Excellent thermal balance and high rigidity design assure consistent, precision machining.

  • The U-V axes at the upper part of the column is designed as high rigidity, which reaches taper machining with stable accuracy even for high water pressure and high wire tension.

  • Ball screw and LM guide are used, and AC servo motor which drives the ball screw directly and intelligent software servo can realize high speed consistent machining with high frequency response.

  • The discharge energy is controlled detecting each sparking stage and catching same point discharge in advance by high speed calculation, which makes wire break less and gives consistent machining and uniform machining surface.

  • High rigidity drive system to secure reposition accuracy of all axis.

  • Laser measurement to X, Y, U, V axis. THK super precise Linear guide way, 32 (Except 25 for CW320), C1 degree ball screw at X, Y axis to secure position precision.

  • Reinforced design constructed by wide tape of high rigidity Z axis & upper / lower guides. When tape machining no deformation. Compare with high rigidity UV 24 (work piece is 100 mm) to finish high precise machining.


Machine Body
Model No. CW-430F
Axis Travel X 400 mm
Y 300 mm
U 100 mm
V 100 mm
Z 260 mm
Max. Workpiece Dimensions 800W x 650D x 225H
Max. Workpiece Weight 500 x 350
X-Y Axis Feed Rate Max. 800 mm / min
Drive System (5 Axis) AC Servo Motor (5 axis)
Wire Diameter 0.15-0.3 mm ( 0.25 mm)
Wire Feed Rate (Max) 300 mm / sec
Wire Tension 400-2500 gf
Max Taper Angle 24 / 100 mm Wide Angle Nozzle
Outside Dimensions 1400 x 1750 x 2130
Net Weight 2500
Working Fluid Supply Unit
Tank Capacity 340 L / 700 L
Filter Element Paper
Ion Exchange Resin 6.8 L
Conductivity Control Auto
Fluid Temperature Control Auto (Standard)
Outside Dimensions 700 x 1830 x 1310 (WD400) / 800 x 2130 x 1350 (WD700)
Net Weight (Without Water) 300
Power Supply Unit
Circuit System Power MOS Transistor
Max. Output Current 25A
IP Select 10
Off Time Select 50
CNC Unit
Data Input keyboard, RS-232C, 3.5-Inch Floppy Disk
Display 14-Inch Color
Control System 32bit, 1-CPU, Semi Closed Loop Software Servo System
Control Axis X, Y, U, V, Z (5 Axis)
Setting Unit 0.001 mm
Max. Command Value 9999.999 mm
Interpolation Linear / Circular
Command System Abs / Inch
Machining Feed Control Servo / Const. Feed
Scaling 0.001 - 9999
Auto 2nd Cut System Re-trace Auto Changed Machining Data
Machining EDM Condition Memory 1000-9999
Outside Dimensions 820D x 600W x 1800H 450 kg
Total AC Power Input 3 Phase 220 10% / 13 kva
Machine Functions
MOS Type high power transistor controlled with nano second can cut off peak current 600A, by which Max. speed 2502 mm / min is attainable. By inputting wire diameter, workpiece material, thickness, and machine classification, optimum machining conditions can be outputted from the memory of various machining conditions
It is possible to output the machining conditions of 2nd, 3rd, 4th cut with easy operation, and second cut can be automatically obtained by using retrace function. Operator has only to pass a wire through lower nozzle, then the wire can be surely fed to wire collector with wire-carry device.


CNC Controller
IPC base standard 586 computer board
5X86-P75 CPU
16 Mega DRAM
High capacity DOC (Disk On Chip)
Resolution 640 x 480 16 colors VGA display
Operation panel include characters, operation and function keys
AC servo motors & drivers
Linear and circular interpolation System date, time setting
Return to origin, cutting start point, reference point, wire breakage point. Cutting locus display with color change
Autmoatic positioning, edge and hole cetering, column cetering, slit centering Absolute / incremental coordinates
Machine lock Multiple sub-routine repeat calling
Single steop and manual jog Wire offset compensation file can be selected within program
Display cutting time, cutting length, cutting speed Inch / metric exchange
3.5" flopy disk RS232 interface Soft travel limits
Marked block jump over Trace return wire break point, retrace to start point
Cutting conditions display Top-bottom independent figure machining
Day run Machining path magnifier, rotation, mirror image & X, Y axis exchange
Selection servo-feed, constant-feed. Auto select stop function
Machining path 3D view display Background editing
Automatic wire vertical alignment  


Standard Accessories

  • Ion Exchange Resins
  • Paper filters
  • Upper / Lower flushing nozzles
  • Diamond guides (0.26)
  • Cooling System
  • Energizing plates
  • Diamond guide remove jig
  • Brass Wire (0.25x5KG)
  • Tools



  • Surface finish circuit
  • AVR (Auto Voltage Regulator)
  • Automatic vertical alignment jig


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